Basic Dignity Coalition - Portland Loo Project

After four years of hard work, and a collaborative effort between GTT volunteers, Basic Dignity Campaign partners, the City of San Diego, and many, many, more, San Diego finally has its permanent 24/7 public access flushing restroom, the Portland Loo. GTT will continue to advocate for more access to public restrooms on behalf of the homeless, and will continue to work towards advancing basic dignity.  The continued support of our donors is monumental in allowing GTT to continue our work.  For more information on this Project click here.

Girls Think Tank inspires, empowers and organizes our community to advance basic human dignity through activism and advocacy. 
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Transitional Storage Center at its New Home !!

As of May 1, 2014 the Center is located at 252 16th Street, San Diego, CA 92101. We have expanded at our new location, and now have 353 bins available for use.  This is the most bins in use since the start of the TSC.  While this is a great achievement, there is still a need for more bins, as we have a waiting list of approximately 120 people. Read more here


Thank You to our Transitional Storage Center (TSC) Supporters

David Allen, with Trestle Development, LLC, for being the catalyst that brought about the new Transitional Storage Center location.  Without him, the Center may not have found such a perfect long-term solution.

Richard Gentry and the San Diego Housing Commission for their generous donation of the new home for the Transitional Storage Center.

Hon. Todd Gloria, and the City of San Diego, for working together to ensure the longevity of this valuable program.
Steven Cooper, Pastor at Harbor Presbyterian Church, for getting the support and involvement of his congregation in helping save the Transitional Storage Center, as well as the support of the faith-based community.
All of our donors who helped to support the sustainability of the new location, including
  • The Anthony Robbins Foundation
  • Downtown Fellowship
  • Jerry Navarra from Jerome’s Furniture
  • Keith Jones from Ace Parking
  • Michael McConnell
  • Lauren and Paul Scott